The Brave New World of Automation is Here

A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

 Throwing your entire budget at your cybersecurity problem isn't the answer. Having 250 security products that you have to manage isn't a solution either. In fact, it could just complicate things and cost you more in the long run. In today's complex, competitive environment, it's not enough to only address your cybersecurity needs without taking into consideration your entire risk profile.  Those areas where you can automate, innovate, reduce risks, eliminate costs, improve processes, be compliant and transform your business into an agile, secure global powerhouse is mandatory. Using emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Smart Contracts, AI, and IoT along with innovation teams that use agile development is imperative for remaining competitive and secure in today's global, fast paced, ever changing economy. Not everyone has the time, expertise or resources to take on the amount of work needed to stay ahead of the competition. We have the expertise to keep you innovating SECURELY. 

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Cybersecurity Consulting


   Our consultants thrive on creating value and impact for our clients that ensures their success. We provide Compliance, Strategic Planning, CISO Support, Training and Implementation Support along with a long line of capabilities to create value and impact within your organization. 

Agile Development Innovation Teams


   The demand for automation and innovative technologies is changing the way companies do business. Let our agile development innovation teams support your technology needs to secure and innovate your business today. Whether Blockchain, Smart Contracts, AI, IoT, API, platform or component development, we have the expertise to work alongside your team avoiding the bureaucracy of your organization to get it done fast. 

The Patriot Network Value Add


  Our team members haven't had years in consulting, as advisers and 

C-Suite Executives without gaining some valuable connections and insights. We make certain our clients gain the value of those insights and connections. Whether for business development assistance, to gain a pulse on Washington, DC, obtain insightful market intelligence or to connect with one of our lobbyists, we'll make certain your team has everything they need for their success. 

Management Consulting


  We're not just focused on your cybersecurity. We're focused on your success and overall risk profile as an organization. Having former C-Suite Executives on staff makes it easy to provide advisement that supports your automation strategy and competitive edge. We work with teams all over the world and have a pulse on what the industry is doing, where it's going and how you can dominate.