About Us


Automation is here to stay.

With automation comes new unrealized cybersecurity and organizational risks. We're here to help.

Patriot Cyber Defense is a Cybersecurity and Management Consulting professional services firm. We provide a unique holistic approach to cybersecurity and risk mitigation that comes from experience, standing with our clients when the going gets rough and having an approach to see you thru. We aim to provide real value and innovative thought leadership that transforms organizations into successful, risk averse, secure, cost effective, automated, compliant and recognized market leaders.



  We are career Cyber Security Experts, Management Consultants, former C-Suite Executives and Expert Technologists that have worked with top consultancy firms, Fortune 100 corporations and start up's all over the world. We believe your business is too important to not use partners with deep industry knowledge.  We help automate your business securely so that you can continue to focus on your customers. We work with you to identify the best strategy and road map that is specific to your organization to best align with your goals and then support you with the implementation process. We'll also help you to foster a secure, risk aware and innovative culture that is proactive rather than reactive. We will work together to identify areas for improvements, quick wins, the use of innovative technologies and provide resource support to create the most value for your enterprise.