About Us

We’re an Cyber Security Consulting company. But not just any company. We are a group of professionals who have worked in the IT security consulting business for decades. In fact, some of our team members have 30 years of experience in network security. Our team not only has renowned Cyber Security Experts with Ph.Ds in Information Security, Master’s degrees in Computer Science and various security certifications such as CISSP and CEH but are also former Cyber Security Advisers to Presidents Bush and Obama. Others are former Pentagon, CIA, NSA, and military network security experts or instructors as well as Fellows from the SANS Institute. Our experienced professionals believe in providing customers real value by being their trusted security adviser. When you’re successful; we’re successful. That’s our strategy. Simple yet effective.

Our Approach

We help our clients realize their company goals and innovate securely. We’ll support your security needs and be your trusted cyber security partner.  We have included some suggestions below to get you thinking about security and get you headed in the right direction.

8 Steps To Help Create A Secure Enterprise:

1. Vulnerability Assessment – Confirm hacker’s aren’t currently in your network, identify critical data for immediate security enhancements and areas for security improvements.
2. Penetration Testing – Ensure your perimeter is secure from exploits.
3. Deploy an Automated Real Time Security Management Solution – Deploying a product like SkyBox helps to address critical vulnerabilities, focuses your security team on real issues, maintains your security and compliance posture while providing security metrics for executive reporting.
4. Security Posture Management – Regularly schedule Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessments to ensure the best security and compliance posture.
5. Cyber Security Awareness Training – Combine regular company wide training’s to create a security culture. Combat employee exploits, instill threat awareness and communication transparency for breach avoidance.
6. Security Strategy Reviews – Confirm that your Security Strategy is effective, instilling well communicated security practices across the enterprise and addressing the latest external threats.
7. Breach Awareness Training – Ensure your IT department, security team, CISO, legal department, marketing department, CEO, Board of Directors and partners know exactly what to do when a breach occurs.
8. Repeat – Security is a culture that needs care and maintenance not a one time event. You wouldn’t lock the doors to your house once and we suggest having an ongoing security ritual that ensures your organizations’ security and success.
Patriot Cyber Defense knows there is a lot of additional steps to take in order to support your organizations’ security and the above steps are a really good start. Let us know how you would like to engage us with your cyber security concerns today.

Our Clients

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