Corporate Training’s & Speaking Engagements

We know it isn’t easy when it comes to creating a culture of security. Making employees adhere to secure practices in the workplace is a tough job. It’s only your organization’s reputation and livelihood at stake. Dr. Cole and our team members make even the most technophobe Baby Boomer understand the importance of security and the techno savvy Millennial understand why privacy matters. We customize training’s and key notes specifically to your organization’s needs to make certain our talks are in perfect alignment with your company goals. Using real life examples and common sense guidance to help secure your company practices that resonate across all levels of experience is what Dr. Cole and our team does best. There is no one that does it better. No one.

Example Corporate Training’s & Key Notes:

  • Corporate Security Employee Awareness Training
  • Why Privacy Matters
  • Corporate Management Breach Crisis Training
  • IT Security Team Breach Crisis Training
  • Creating a Culture of Security “Security is Everyone’s Responsibility”
  • Key Note: Cyber Security “You Are One Click Away From a Breach”