Patriot Cyber Defense is an official SkyBox Security Reseller

What if you could have one product to help safeguard the security of your enterprise?

What if that product allowed you to:

  • Understand the vulnerabilities in your global network footprint in an easy to read dashboard?
  • Focus your limited IT resources on real threats and prioritize vulnerabilities that have real implications?
  • Provided you real time metrics and information to have real conversations about work performed and the status of your networks’ enterprise security?
  • Eliminate costly additional product solutions and¬†painful budget conversations with management even showing them a cost savings instead?
  • Meet your compliance mandates while handling hackers in action?

Now you can….

SkyBox Security is the next generation of IT Security Solutions.

No this is not your typical network scanning tool. This is an intelligent product solution that understands where your network devices are and whether they are configured securely using validated vendor recommendations and appropriate security controls for your environment against known vulnerabilities in real time. Think about that for a minute.

When was the last time your network diagram was in real time? Network additions or changes that occur almost everyday are no longer invisible. That embarrassing conversation with management about a breach on that not so known device doesn’t have to happen anymore. You can rest easy knowing your job isn’t on the line every time to you turn around to a barrage of security questions from management or worse, the Board of Directors.

Asset inventory, configuration management and change control are CRITICAL¬†to your organization’s success. SkyBox Security product suite enables you to automate these critical IT Security controls in an easy to decipher dashboard providing you with a real solution. Not just another expensive product offering that leaves you needing additional products for vulnerability gaps and waiting for your walking papers.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what everyone has been saying about SkyBox Security innovative next generation solutions.

Better yet, contact us for a demo. You’ll see why SkyBox Security solutions are vital to any IT Security professional or organization concerned about their security.